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All About Our Packaging

 Our top priorities are to safely deliver your meals fresh to you and to reduce our eco-footprint.


If you're wondering about what our packaging material is made of, how we handle your packages when en route, and how packaging deposits work, then read further.




If you love our only habitable Planet as much as the next person, then we think that you will be glad to know that we are on a mission to operate with Zero Waste:


Our packaging material is 100% Recyclable.

Our meal trays are 100% compostable.


Our plastic bottles are made of 100% PET material, is BPA free and is 100% recyclable.


The ice pack wrapper is is made out of low-density polyethylene, making it 100% recyclable and reusable.

Lastly, the reusable insulated bags are LD-PE and is 100% recyclable, as well.

We welcome you to rinse out the bags, bottles and trays and leave them for us to pick up on your next delivery. We will bring the materials to the appropriate recycling facilities.

Here is how you can recycle any other plastic bags in the City of Vancouver:







To keep your meals cool during our delivery rounds, we place your meals inside of our insulated bags with an ice blanket wrap. Your meals will remain safely below 41 degrees Farenheit inside of the bag for up to 3 hours after drop off, although we urge you to place all of your meals inside of your fridge upon delivery of your food.



Delivery Details



If you are available to accept the delivery in person let us know if you insist on keeping the insulated bag and ice packs.


We charge a deposit of $10 per large thermal bag and $8 per small thermal bag at 11:59 pm the day of the delivery. You can always give the thermal bag and ice packs back the next time we see you to receive your bag deposit. Otherwise, be sure to reuse and recycle the bags.




If you have any questions or have any feedback on how we can improve our recyclable material feel free to contact us, always.




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