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Workout Song Collective



Do you need songs to help adrenalin ebb and flow through your veins during your workout? Here is a collective of workout songs that will help you go the extra mile. Let me know which song adds a pep in your step during your workout and it might just be added to this list.




Week of November 13, 2017


This is a feel-good, awe inspiring workout song that fits perfectly for a Zuma sesh. We love Kaleena's golden voice, not to mention her smile. Make us work it off Kaleena!


Week of November 6, 2017


I bet you forgot about this song. Well, add this *ish to your playlist because it will get you pumpin'. Right Here. Right Now.



Week of October 30, 2017



A total and, in my opinion, better version of Royals by Lorde. You'll want to add this song and play it on repeat.



Week of October 23, 2017



If you feel like winding down your day with a 4 mile run along the greenway, then I highly suggest this song. It is so relaxing and will add ambience to your surroundings. Just do it!




Week of October 16, 2017



This song will motivate you to wake up at 5 in the morning to hit the gym. @2:20 is a gratifying moment to go all out with left and right hooks on your punching bag. Tighten your core, left hook, right hook, throw in some upper cuts and you'll leave the gym feeling nearly indestructible.



Week of October 9, 2017


I love to play basketball and this song helps me to concentrate when practicing my dribbling.


@0:00 Jumping Jacks x 40

@1:15 grab a bball

@1:35 dribble on beat

@2:23 pick up dribbling speed

@3:45 dribble in between legs

@4:00 double dribble (two bballs)

@4:15 weave in between legs

@4:30 lose the second ball and freestyle

@5:35 shoot some hoops


I hope this song is just as effective for you.



Week of October 2, 2017



It being 87 degrees outside, I thought that I'd sneak in a 10 mile run toward Vancouver Lake before the heat wave commences. On my 7th mile, I found myself doing a little soulsearching, "Why. am. I. doing. this?" And then, I hear 


"You want a hot body?" YAS!
"You want a Buggatti?" Why not?
"Look hot in a bikini?" Why else do you think I have been running for an hour straight?! 


This song has a straightforward message that reinforces all of the reasons why I put on my track shoes in the first place. Anyways, you just need to hear The Legendary Ms. Britney Spears' words of wisdom for yourself. Pardon her language (this is what tough love feels like at face value, no?). Now get to work B**ch!



Week of September 25, 2017



I have to hand it to Chester, and Chris said it best, his voice will spark a fire within you that will amplify your energy during a workout. RIP Chester.



Week of September 18, 2017



This song is a great song to dance to before hitting the club. My hips LOVE the tempo of this song. BT paved the way for the EDM genre, so I have him to thank for all of the times that Trance sustained my endurance training.




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